Ring Size Chart

Download the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to find your ring size without going to the jeweler.

So you found the perfect ring but you’re not sure you have the right ring size.

You want to buy a ring for that special  person in your life but you don’t know the ring size –  what are you going to do?

We have the answers for you –  if you are buying a ring for yourself the answers are below and in the chart that you can print out.

The same applies to sizing a ring for someone else.

We have thoroughly tested all the methods we show you and consistently get accurate results.

We suggest using our printable ring size chart but you can follow along and measure without printing if you have a metric ruler.

Either way it’s easy to follow along.

Did You Know?

Your ring size can go down a little bit when it’s cold,

Did You Know?

Heat, medications, water retention, cor even being sick can cause your finger to swell!


Many people measure a couple of time a day-just to make sure.

Did You Know?

Doing your measurement at the end of the day is usually the best since finger size is generally largest later in the day

Did You Know?

If your measurement is between ring sizes, we recommend sizing up-most jewelers do too!


Before printing, make sure that Page Scaling is set to “NONE”  or 100% in your printer settings window. Use your ruler to measure the scale guide.